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Cllr Jon Hubbard

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Wiltshire travel could move into the 21st century next week with a proposal to develop a smart card for the county.

One Card for Wiltshire say Lib Dems The motion, proposed by the Lib Dem spokesperson for transport and highways Cllr Magnus Macdonald, calls on the council to begin developing a "one card for Wiltshire" scheme which could be used to pay for parking, public transport and a number of other services across the county.

"We now have the chance to deliver fairer fares for the county," said Magnus Macdonald, "this will allow residents to pay for what they use when they use it."

"It could right the wrong of our council being the biggest change cheat in the country, taking hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of change out of the pockets of Wiltshire residents, and gives us opportunities to expand its use in the future."

"It will also reduce costs of storing and transporting money from buses and car parks across the county."

Leader of Wiltshire's Lib Dems Cllr Jon Hubbard agrees with adding "this is the sort of joined up strategic thinking that councils should be doing. We need to be bold in Wiltshire and take on the challenge of developing something that I believe will really benefit local residents."

Below is the motion submitted by Cllr Magnus Macdonald

Council recognises the progress that has been made by service providers to introduce Smart Card technologies on public transport across the region.

Council further recognises the potential cost savings that can be achieved through the adoption of such schemes and the considerable improvements in customer experience that can result.

Council notes the benefits of integrating such schemes, thus better facilitating residents being able to travel with ease, and further notes that where such schemes are integrated with associated transport schemes, such as car parking and other council services, additional savings and improvements for residents can be achieved.

Council therefore requests that the Administration work with Officers and partners to develop a 'One Card for Wiltshire' scheme that would enable a resident to use a single payment card to pay for both public transport and car parking across the county. Additionally Council requests that the possibility of adding the ability to pay for additional council services should be investigated.

Council understands that there is work being undertaken on a regional basis and that any such scheme will have to be phased in, but requests the Administration to ensure that future developments on use of Smart Cards in the county should focus on delivery of 'One Card for Wiltshire'.

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