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Liberal Democrats meeting at their annual conference in Brighton this week have called on all councils in England, including Wiltshire, to cut speed limits in residential streets to 20mph.

Lib Dem Ministers working in Goverment will now be pushing local Councils to actively consider dropping speed limits in all suitable residential streets.Cllr Jon Hubbard, Wiltshire Liberal Democrat Leader, said, “I welcome this national action on very real local problems.

"This policy has been delivered by grassroots level Lib Dem Councillors and campaigners who are working day in and day out for their local communities. Only the Liberal Democrats allow national policies to be developed and set by their members. Time after time across Wiltshire, when local Lib Dem Councillors and campaigners knock on people's doors and ask about the issues that concern them speeding is top of the list.

"This policy initiative from the Lib Dems show that we are the listening Party. We are the Party that take the time to listen to real issues affecting real people and given them the opportunity to influence government.

"In Wiltshire we will continue to pressure the Conservative led administration at County Hall to let local people choose to introduce 20 limits on residential roads where appropriate."

Liberal Democrat led Councils in Bath, Portsmouth and Oxford have all reduced road casualties by introducing 20mph zone, and local Liberal Democrats hope Wiltshire will follow.It will be up to local people to decide which roads are suitable for 20mph speed limits. For example main arterial routes with residential housing may not be suitable.

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