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Cllr Jon Hubbard

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Melksham Cemetery

Melksham councillor Jon Hubbard has submitted a question to the next meeting of the Wiltshire Council Cabinet to ask when the extension to Melksham Cemetery will finally be completed.

The issue was raised at November's Area Board meeting and Jon agreed to submit a question to find out what is happening.

Jon commented "I am very concerned that the council first commited themselves to putting in this extension in 2015, they then agreed to dedicate some grave space for the Muslim community in 2017 and yet we are still waiting to see the work undertaken. Much of the delay appears to be related to the repairing of a wall of historic significance. We really need to get this sorted."

The full question submitted to Cabinet is:

In July 2015 Wiltshire Council submitted a planning application (15/06652/FUL), which was subsequently approved on 7th September 2015, for the expansion of Melksham Cemetery. In September 2017 Melksham Area Board voted to support the allocation of some of the grave space for the Muslim community.

To date there is little evidence of any work having been undertaken to commence the works as promised and the Muslim community in Melksham and surrounding area is still without provision of a local burial space where they are able to properly respect their traditions and requirements of their faith.

Could I please ask:

  1. As more than three years has passed since the awardng of planning permission, is the permission originally awarded still valid?
  2. What is the timeline for the completion of the works and making the new grave space available?
  3. What is the status of the repairs to the “historically significant” wall that appears to be the cause of these delays?

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