Cllr Jon Hubbard

Wiltshire Councillor for Melksham South

Serving the community across Melksham

Proposals have been announced for developing a further 400 homes to the east of Snowberry Lane.

The plans will see the fields behind the doctor's surgery and Saxifrage Close replaced with another new estate.

Map showing how the proposed development affects Snowberry Lane residents

Local Councillor Jon Hubbard is keen to hear your views on the development. You can also speak directly to the developers at a consultation event on 16th Feb at The Oak Community School.

The proposals include a plan for extending the new distributor road, soon to be opened, which will releive traffic off Snowberry Lane, but will also take away the fields used by many.

Jon Hubbard commented, "We can't automatically be anti any development, but I want to be sure that the local community will see benefits should any development take place.

"If we are going to build all these houses we need to ensure we have the infrastructure and facilities to support them."

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