Cllr Jon Hubbard

Wiltshire Councillor for Melksham South

Serving the community across Melksham

Euro MEP Contender Kay Barnard visited Melksham this week to support Cllr Jon Hubbard, who is currently undertaking his annual Residents' Survey. The survey, which asks local residents about issues that they feel the local council should be acting on, is undertaken across the Melksham Spa ward that Cllr Hubbard represents on the Town Council.

Kay Barnard is number two on the Liberal Democrat Euro Elections list for the South West and is likely to be returned to the European Parliament following the elections in June. The elections will be held using proportional representation and the Lib Dems are likely to win at least two of the seven seats for the region.

Speaking about the work being undertaken by Cllr Jon Hubbard in Melksham Kay said, “This is what being a Liberal Democrat is all about. Working hard for local residents, campaigning for issues that matter to the people who live in the community. All Liberal Democrat elected representatives work hard for the communities they represent, be it the Town Council, the County Council, Parliament or the European Parliament. I'm proud to be working with Graham Watson, the South West's current Lib Dem MEP and I hope to be joining him on the Lib Dem Team.”

Local Councillor Jon Hubbard commented, “I am delighted that Kay has joined us today. It's great that she wants to come and speak to residents here in Melksham and find out what they feel about issues that matter not only here in our town but also across Europe.”

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Wiltshire Council Election May 2017

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