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The council is holding a special meeting of the Melksham Area Board to discuss the future of the Lorry Park in King Street. This is despite the fact that in March the Area Board voted unanimously to recommend it's closure!

Councillor Jon Hubbard has expressed his surprise and disappointment that yet another meeting is being held to discuss closing the Lorry Park. "We've had plenty of talking so far", the local councillor said, "Now it's time for some action.

"Since we voted to recommend closure, and received assurances that the cabinet member responsible would carry out these recommendations it seems that nothing has happened."

Jon has written to local residents in the King Street area urging them to attend the meeting on Tuesday 15th June at 6.30pm which is being held in the Town Hall. More...

Jon's full letter to local residents is reproduced below:

Dear Resident

I am writing to urge you to attend the Special Area Board meeting that has been called for Tuesday 15th June to discuss the proposed closure and moving of the King Street Lorry Park. The meeting will commence at 7pm with the hall opening from 6.30pm.

I am concerned that there are some people in the town, and the council, who are now arguing that the cost of the closing the Lorry Park and the potential costs of moving the facility to a different location means that it should stay where it is.

I am totally opposed to this opinion and feel that local people have waited long enough for real action to be taken, and am very concerned that the Area Board may break the promises made at the March meeting when every Area Board member present voted to support it’s closure.

We need to make sure that no-one can forget the misery and upset that the continued provision of HGV commercial parking in King Street causes for local residents and I again urge you to attend on the 15th June to guarantee that local voices are heard.

I look forward to seeing you there.

With kindest regards

Cllr Jon Hubbard
Town Councillor: Melksham Spa Ward
Wiltshire Councillor: Melksham South Division

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