Working in the Community

Jon is a well known figure around Melksham and is often seen supporting various community groups and events.

Jon founded and still Chairs the local charity Young Melksham. First started in 2011 to continue the work of the Extended Schools initiative Jon has guided the charity through the transition from providing counselling services and working with schools on breakfast club projects through to the major player it is today, having just taken ownership of The Canberra Centre on Spa Road, running four youth clubs a week, still continuing the free-to-access counselling, the popular Melksham Young People's awards and a monthly disco for adults with SEND.

News and Updates from Jon's work in the community

Published 0707 06060606 24242424
Local councillor Jon Hubbard is fighting to protect two trees on Spa Road, an Oak tree marked for a 2m crown reduction and the felling of a healthy Beech Tree
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Published 0303 06060606 24242424
Cllr Jon Hubbard today highlighted the critical role of a visible police presence in ensuring the safety and security of local communities. In a statement, Jon Hubbard underscored the positive impact of community policing and welcomed the introduction of a new mobile police station, a significant step towards enhancing public safety.
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Published 2121 05050505 24242424
Cllr Jon Hubbard, local Wiltshire Councillor for Melksham South, today expressed deep concern over recent actions by the Liberal Democrats that appear to be taking advantage of the poor performance of the Melksham Oak School for political gain.
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Published 0707 05050505 24242424
On Tuesday Cllr Jon Hubbard challenged the continuing decline in provision of new affordable housing in Wiltshire. Figures released at the meeting show that in the last year there were just 532 new affordable homes provided against a target of 650.
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Published 0505 04040404 24242424
Local councillor Jon Hubbard is suggesting a new solution to the long-term safety concerns over the raised pavement on Bank Street in Melksham.
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Published 2222 03030303 24242424
Wiltshire Council is promoting the partial conversion of the footpath MELK40 to a Shared use path to provide a safe and convenient cycle and walking route within Melksham.  The Council would like to investigate the potential to formalise this path into a shared use (Wheeling & Walking) facility. Works to involve the widening of existing […]
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Published 0202 02020202 23232323
Wiltshire Council is asking local residents to take part in a national survey and share their views on physical activity and active leisure in their local community. The Moving Communities survey produced by Sport England, is designed to help local authorities understand its residents’ perceptions of physical activity in their local area and barriers that may be preventing people […]
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Published 2121 01010101 22222222
Demolition work has begun at the Melksham House site, marking the first step towards the historic building becoming a flexible workspace and a multi-purpose facility for the community. At its meeting in December 2021, Wiltshire Council’s cabinet agreed to release £2.8m funding, to go towards the £2m already in place, to refurbish and redevelop the […]
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Published 2828 05050505 21212121
An announcement from Wiltshire Council has confirmed plans to bring all of its leisure centres, including Melksham Blue Pool, under its own management, with the transition coming into effect from October. The change means the Blue Pool and the gym based there will fall under direct management by Wiltshire Council later this year. Melksham Councillor Jon […]
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Published 1111 02020202 21212121
Melksham councillor Jon Hubbard has welcomed the news that formal construction of the Melksham Campus will commence on 1st March 2021. "It's been an incredibly difficult journey to get to this point", commented the Melksham South Councillor, "and I can't hide a real sense of relief that we have finally got here. "What we have […]
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Published 0909 02020202 21212121
Together for Melksham, a group of local community campaigners have announced that they are planning on fielding a slate of candidates for the Town Council elections that have now been confirmed as taking place on Thursday May 6th. The team, initially started by well-known local residents Colin Goodhind, Sue Mortimer, Jack Oatley, Wayne Stansby and […]
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Published 0505 02020202 21212121
Elections will be taking place in May for Melksham Town Council and Wiltshire Council as well as for a new Police and Crime Comminssioner the Government has confirmed today. Melksham South councillor Jon Hubbard is urging residents to register for a postal vote to save having to visit the polling station on the day. "It's […]
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