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Local residents are celebrating today following an announcement by Wiltshire Council that they will be developing the new Melksham Campus in the Town Centre.

The council is, subject to final site assessment and contract, to purchase the Melksham House and Blue Pool site in the town and build a new single site service campus at this location.

Originally the council had planned to build the site at Woolmore Farm, by the new school, but local residents had fought a prolonged campaign led by local councillor Jon Hubbard to keep services such as the library and youth centre in the town centre. The

Speaking after the annoucement the Wiltshire Councillor for Melksham South, Jon Hubbard, commented, "This is the best possible news for Melksham. Finally the council have listened and responded to the sustained calls of the people of Melksham. I first asked for this location of the campus site to be changed a year ago, and since then we have had my petition of over 2,000 signatures, a community consultation that resoundingly said 'No' to the out-of-town site and finally the Town Poll with 94% of people saying 'No' to Woolmore Farm

"Finally now we have an annoucement for Melksham to celebrate.

"We need to get on and build the new facility now and bring in the additional trade and investment into the town.

"I would like to thank everyone who supported my campaign to acheive this over the past year and I am delighted that we have gained this fantastic investement in our Town Centre".

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