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Published: May 21, 2024

Cllr Jon Hubbard Expresses Concern Over Political Exploitation of Challenges at Melksham Oak School

Cllr Jon Hubbard, local Wiltshire Councillor for Melksham South, today expressed deep concern over recent actions by the Liberal Democrats that appear to be taking advantage of the poor performance of the Melksham Oak School for political gain. Cllr Jon Hubbard emphasised that the focus should be on supporting the school, reforming its management, and the students, rather than using children's education as a tool for political purposes.

"It is disheartening to see that some are choosing to exploit the challenges faced by our local school for their own political agendas," said Cllr Hubbard. "Our priority must be the well-being and education of our children. They deserve our support, not to be caught in the crossfire of political manoeuvring."

Councillor Hubbard stressed the importance of a united community effort to improve the school's performance. "We should be looking at how we can provide the necessary resources and support to the school and its management. This includes listening to the concerns of teachers, parents, and students, and working collaboratively to create a positive and effective learning environment."

The councillor called on all political entities to put aside their differences and focus on constructive solutions that benefit the students and the community. "Education is a cornerstone of our future, and it is irresponsible to jeopardize it for short-term political gains. Let's come together to ensure our children receive the quality education they deserve."

Councillor Hubbard, who until recent changes at the school scrapped the local Governing Body, was a Governor at the school and chairs the Children’s Select Committee at Wiltshire Council. “Clearly, I am very disappointed that the Multi Acadamy Trust has chosen to take the actions it has taken but we must look forward. Despite their rather shoddy treatment of myself and the other local governors I still believe we need to reach out to the school and work with them to find improvement.”

“I will be continuing to use the influence I have as a Wiltshire Councillor and my other council related roles in working with young people to reach out to the school and offer to help find ways to seek improvements. I have particular concerns for young people with SEND and the schools recent record on temporary exclusions but feel these are better dealt with by dialogue rather than political rallies.

"Our children are our most valuable asset, and their education should be our top priority," concluded Councillor Hubbard. "I urge everyone to join me in putting the interests of our students first, and in working towards solutions that will provide them with the best possible education and opportunities for the future."

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