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Published: October 18, 2022

It's time to "Walk the Walk" not just "Talk the Talk" on Climate Change says Cllr Jon Hubbard

Local people are fed up with Wiltshire Council "Talking the Talk" about its Climate Change plans but not seeing tangible examples of action being taken according to Melksham South Councillor Jon Hubbard. The issue was discussed in the meeting of Wiltshire Council on Tuesday 19th October when the council leader outlined the steps that Wiltshire Council have been taking to implement the council's Climate Change Strategy. "It's all well and good having a strategy to address these issues," Cllr Hubbard said, "but we need to see these proposals turning into tangible plans.

Lack of evidence of Climate Change action

"Here in Melksham, we lack working EV charging points with the unit in King Street Car Park having been out of order for a couple of years now and when I last checked, even the promised new ones at Melksham Campus are not up and running yet. Please stop telling us what you plan to do and actually get on and do something. "Likewise we talk about the necessity of maximising the opportunity of renewable energy, yet the fantastic new campus building that opened just a couple of months ago doesn't have a single solar panel in sight!"

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