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Published: February 9, 2021

A Fresh Start - Together for Melksham

Together for Melksham, a group of local community campaigners have announced that they are planning on fielding a slate of candidates for the Town Council elections that have now been confirmed as taking place on Thursday May 6th.

The team, initially started by well-known local residents Colin Goodhind, Sue Mortimer, Jack Oatley, Wayne Stansby and Jon Hubbard, are now recruiting more like-minded individuals who want to put the town first before political parties and aspirations. The main requirement, they say, is that candidates should be independent thinking and voting, but with a common, non-political and transparent commitment to Melksham.

Together for Melksham say that they will regularly consult with local residents about issues and will undertake Residents Surveys to canvass people’s opinions on key topics. The first of these will be available on their website soon, and the team will undertake limited door-to-door surveying once it is deemed safe for such activities to be undertaken again.

The Together for Melksham team

Colin Goodhind, a long-term volunteer and campaigner in the town, commented “It’s time the town council had a fresh start. I’ve been inspired by the positive impact groups of independent councillors have had in communities like Ilfracombe and Frome, where their focus on the community has delivered so many positive changes in those towns. We need that here in Melksham.”

Local volunteer Jack Oatley, well known as the Chair of Forest Community Centre and for his work at Young Melksham added, “I’ve never had any interest in ‘party politics’ and that’s what has stopped me from considering putting myself forward in the past. However, what Together for Melksham is offering is a fresh start where I can speak my mind and work for what I believe in and not what I am told”.

Melksham Community Meals organiser Sue Mortimer said, “I’m excited that this team is looking forward, not backwards, and is interested in advancing the town and being creative. Town councils should be all about the people, not the politics, and I am keen to be part of a council who, with the residents’ support, will be able to make this real difference and deliver the fresh start our town is crying out for and deserves.”

Wayne Stansby, who is heavily involved with Age Friendly Melksham and Spencers Social Club added, “The majority of my life was spent serving you the people and our country. For too long though our lives have been centred on division; whether its politics, religion, ethnicity or sexuality. My hope for us at Together for Melksham is to reconnect with our moral compass, park the division and do what is right and best for the town and its wider community delivering the fresh start that is so desperately needed.”

Existing independent councillor Jon Hubbard summed up why he was joining the team saying, “For years I was within a political party that spent more time worrying about how it looked than it did thinking about the impact of its actions. They were not unique, that appears to be how politics works nowadays. It’s really refreshing to be able to be part of a team who believe that I should stand up for what I believe and always put the residents I represent first, and not spend time worrying about how my actions might impact future elections for parliament or whatever. If we get a new council with a good number of members with this ethos it really will be a fresh start for the Town Council.”

The team behind Together for Melksham have launched a website at http://togetherformelksham.org.uk where more information can be found and anyone who wants to know more about joining the team can express an interest. Alternatively, anyone interested can email hello@tfm.org.uk or find details on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/togetherformelksham.

You can always get in touch with Cllr Jon Hubbard

01225 807969
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