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Published: December 27, 2019

Scandal of still empty homes at Melksham Hospital

Cllr Jon Hubbard has expressed outrage at Wiltshire's Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as the old nurses homes at Melksham Hospital have remained empty for yet another year.

Jon first raised the issue of the empty properties with both the CCG and Wiltshire Council in 2018 and has been waiting ever since so see if anything is actually done.

"We've had a year of excuses from the CCG saying they are undertaking a strategic review of the site, but these houses still sit empty while we have people living on the streets" Jon Hubbard commented.

"It sickens me that we have a publicly owned organisation, one that is meant to be all about health and wellbeing, who are actually paying to keep Wiltshire residents homeless. They are paying punative council tax rates as a result of the building being empty for so long - it really is time that they got things sorted out."

"I have today again written to the Chief Exec of the CCG asking for this to be urgently addressed and have asked for meeting with her to discuss the matter."

You can always get in touch with Cllr Jon Hubbard

01225 807969
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